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The methods used to personalize memorials have expanded far beyond the basic engraving of years past. These new techniques enable us to provide our customers with a broad array of customization options for a truly one-of-a-kind memorial. With an infinite number of design possibilities to choose from, we guarantee that your loved one will be honored with the perfect Forever Memory.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.


Sandblasting is one of the oldest and most recognized techniques used for customizing granite memorials. This particular engravistyle of engraving entails removing the polish from the surface of the stone to highlight the variations in depth, thereby creating contrasting effects that enhance the lettering and designs being memorialized on the monument. 

Before the actual sandblasting begins, a perfectly-proportioned stencil of your design proof will be printed and mounted onto the granite, marking the exact areas of the monument that will be engraved. The result will ultimately be a beautiful Forever Memory that you and your family can cherish. 


There is no better way to tell the story of a life well-lived than through images that capture the moments we never want to forget, and there is no better technique for preserving those picture-perfect memories of your loved one than through the art of laser etching. This particular method allows you to memorialize the very essence of the person being remembered by flawlessly reproducing the very fine details that are not visible with traditional methods, such as sandblasting. Because of the intricate features and elements being depicted, laser etching is only effective on very dark stones, such as black granite – this provides a high contrast background for images that appear as clear and crisp as an actual photograph, ensuring that the portrait or landscape being memorialized lasts forever. 


There is no better technique for capturing the essence of a person's life than through the art of hand etching. The incredible clarity and attention to detail makes this method the epitome of memorial design. While it is possible to incorporate color into hand etching artwork on granite, eventually the color will fade and leave behind a beautiful high contrast black and white etching. 


Intricate shape-carving allows for gorgeous accents and emblems to be perfectly shaped into the stone, creating beautiful themes in the monument itself, or the sculpting of complementary attachment pieces that can be cast in bronze and other materials. The relief sculpture appearance brings each of the various elements being displayed to life, while maintaining the integrity and durability of the stone so that the designs and figures seem to literally leap off the stone.


Porcelain pictures can give any memorial that extra personal touch by incorporating a ceramic photo into the design of the monument or marker. These are typically in the shape of an oval or heart; however, round, square, rectangle, and specialty shapes are also available. Porcelain portraits are an ideal accessory for upright monuments, as well as for beveled and slanted markers, because the structures are elevated and therefore at less risk of sustaining damage from landscaping equipment, such as lawnmowers, and other environmental elements. 

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