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–transform your most cherished memories into a lasting tribute that is as precious as the life it represents–

Begin With A Budget

When we have to say goodbye to someone we love, we often find ourselves so overwhelmed by the decisions that suddenly have to be made and all of the funeral expenses that we do not even consider the costs of making sure that our loved ones have a lasting tribute that celebrates their uniqueness and everything they have meant to us. Of all the decisions that we have to make, this is the one that truly lasts forever, so it is important to make sure that you choose a memorial that appropriately honors your nearest and dearest, while also making sure that you stay within your budget. Depending on your wants and needs, we have wide range of options available and our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your loved one can rest in peace with a beautiful memorial that does not put you into debt. If you are unable to pay for your stone up front, do not worry – we offer a layaway plan so that you can make payments at your convenience and in the meantime, we will hold onto your monument or marker for you. All we ask is that you put down a modest deposit to secure your order and once you are able to pay off your balance, our specialists will personally deliver and set your stone at the gravesite of your loved one. please come see us at one of our two locations and we will gladly go over options and prices that will work for you!

Size Matters

One of the first decisions to be made when choosing a memorial is to pick the appropriate size of your monument, marker, bench, or cremation memorial. Depending on where your loved one is buried, there may be certain rules and regulations established by the cemetery, so it is helpful to know about any restrictions and additional fees that may be required before you meet with us to design your stone and discuss pricing. If you are unsure about this information, do not worry – we always contact the cemetery to ensure that your specific headstone is acceptable before we begin the production process. 

Shape Your Vision

If you can imagine it, we can make it! Once you know your budget and specifications, the possibilities really are endless. All you have to do is tell us what kind of monument cut you are interested in and we can get to work on creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind monument that truly represents your loved one. From standard upright monuments to custom cuts and sculpted memorials that are hand-carved, we can do it all! Custom shapes and cuts obviously require more time for production than stock headstones, so please be patient with us as we work to create the perfect tribute for your loved one. 

The Perfect Backdrop

The granite color you choose can complete change the look of your stone, so it is important to pick one that appropriately supports the designs and lettering you have in mind. Black is one of the traditional colors for headstones and memorials, and it provides the perfect canvas for laser etched designs, but there are many other granite colors available as well. Some colored granites are not ideal for certain patterns and designs, so let us know what you want and we will help you make the best choice. To see just a few of the options from our granite selection, please click on the "Granite Colors" page listed on the "MEMORIES 101" dropdown tab. 

Finishing Touch

The choice of finish that you choose for your monument can give it a traditional look or completely transform it into a modern piece of art. With a polished finish, your memorial is sure to remain vibrant and in beautiful condition for a lifetime to come. If you want a more natural appearance, rock edging is the perfect choice, but it is likely to attract lichen and will require more maintenance. Another option is our punched finish, which gives your stone a smooth, yet unpolished look. This finish also requires more upkeep than a polished finish though, so please keep that in mind when choosing your memorial. If you are interested in incorporating a ceramic photo of your loved one into your monument or marker, you are in luck because this surface resists both lichen and water, so with a polished finish, your stone will continue to look pristine with minimal maintenance.

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